Bada$$ Business Photos

Bada$$ Business Photos Cover Page

Design the 3 key photo types you need from your next photoshoot that actually help you sell your offer

A useful set of tools if you need photos of yourself to promote your business AND if you're a photographer who wants clients to keep coming back!

Get the most important shots for your website hero image, about page, socials and more

Save time, energy & money with a system that gets you photoshoot-ready quickly

Reveal your authentic self through your photos to people connect to you and trust your offer

Discover the items you MUST clarify with your photographer before confirming your photoshoot

Make your personality the STAR of your photos

Turn your photos into a powerful sales tool!


Your Workbook

Bonus 1: Look and Feel Confident & Credible on Photoshoot Day

Bonuses 2: Advice From Pro Photographers...Z's Photo Friends :)

You're getting some surprise unannounced bonuses! Stay tuned :)