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Start Here: A quick note about the training

Hi! I'm excited for you to use the video training as well as the PDF guide.

Each of these two elements can actually be used on their own but of course are best used together. 

The PDF Guide does not include visual examples to keep the document manageable for downloading and printing. It is a great workbook that will help you to plan your photoshoots, shot list and more!

➾ One suggested way to approach this training is to scan the PDF guide/workbook first to see the titles of the sections of the training. THEN, jump into the video training.

This way, you can have a little preview of what's coming and note the sections in the PDF where you may want to pause the video and brainstorm.

➾ Another suggested way to approach this is to watch the video training first for an overview and then, go into the PDF guide/workbook to plan and go into more detail.

Of course, we all learn and take information in differently. All the best and I look forward to seeing the photos you create! 🎉