DIY Friend Photoshoot Mini Workshop

The DIY FRIEND PHOTOSHOOT system with Zayna Rose

Get results with a friend and a phone! Show your most approachable, relatable self to your audiences...those who know you and those that should ;)

A useful simple system if you need photos of yourself to promote your business   

Get the most important shots for your website hero image, about page, socials and more

Save time, energy & money with a system that gets you photoshoot-ready quickly

Reveal your authentic self through your photos to people connect to you and trust your offer

Make your personality the STAR of your photos

Turn your photos into a powerful sales tool!

* This is a special pre-sale price as the mini course on-demand materials and lessons will become available on Jan 9th, 2023. We'll kickoff with a BONUS live workshop to take you through everything on this day.