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Confident and Profitable On-Camera Presence Means

Your image and presence directly contribute to more connections and customers.

You make a quick and 'sticky' statement about who you are and what you have to offer. It's authentic, accurate and you're proud of it.


You know the strengths of your natural communication style and your various on-camera modes. You have a go-to system. It feels easy and fun.

Your style of speaking, dressing and other forms of personal expression align with your personal essence and your business strategy. 

Boost Your Confidence with a System
Feel happy and proud of how you express yourself on and off-camera when you speak, sell and socialize


Simple authentic tweaks can be lucrative and easy to implement

In the workshop we'll focus on:

Profitable Style and Brand Presence

Leaning into your natural personal style is powerful. What do you love and what helps you feel good?

Customizing a go-to get camera-ready quick system that suits you allows you to like/love the way you look!

We want harmony and a match to your brand messages when it comes to your clothing, grooming, lighting, backdrops and more.

Captivating Communication Elements

Quickly connect with your ideal people, hold their attention and intrigue them to take the next step.

Body language, speaking style and overall energy projection are some of the keys.

Your unique charm and self-expression can emerge or strengthen to make you unforgettable.

This is what we'll cover in the workshop:


Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 9.58.53 PMThe 5 MUST-HAVE elements of Personal Communication to project when you appear on camera to speak, network or sell


Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 9.58.53 PMThe components of 'Casual Power Looks' that can become your go-to versatile system for looking great and feeling photogenic! 

Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 9.58.53 PMHow to use first impression science, your photos and your video presence to pre-sell your services, programs and products

 Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 9.58.53 PMThe 5 On-Camera Communication TYPES and how to use your dominant natural type to make more connections and sales


What You'll Get:

check mark A 90-Minute LIVE training including an interactive Q&A

check mark A workbook that includes key notes and resources

check mark Access to a workshop replay for life     


Flat First Impressions May Be Blocking Your Connections & Sales

These challenges may be familiar:

You know there are adjustments you want to make when it comes to how you look on camera but you're not sure where to start

 You want to be intentional about how you show up on camera. You want be yourself, be comfortable while still reflecting trust and professionalism. You're busy, what are the quick and powerful tips?

 It would feel good to be more confident in my style, set-up and delivery so my message and my offers are well received

 You're moving into to a new phase that requires you to be on camera more (or in a different way) for your audience, your business and your potential impact. You see it coming and need to get ready!


This training is for you if you:

  • Make videos
  • Livestream on any platform
  • Lead virtual meetings
  • Speak on podcasts
  • Appear as a guest expert in the media
  • Film content for your customers & clients

Hi I'm Zayna Rose, Image Strategist & Consultant

My approach to stage presence coaching, media training, personal styling and public image development isn't a Hollywood one or a corporate one. 

It's about supporting you to be the way you want to be in your own eyes and in the eyes of the world.

Over the past twenty years, I've helped leaders, aspiring leaders, startups, 7 and 8-figure business owners, students, scientists, artists and more.


Business Leaders and Program Participants Working with Z

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  • “Zayna knows how to make us look good.

     I’m so grateful for her. I would highly recommend that all of us…if you’re going to be speaking or running workshops or anytime you’re in front of people…work with Zayna.

    She makes you look awesome!”

    Stu McLaren

    Membership Expert & Host of Marketing Your Business Podcast

  • "In just 1 hour and with a few tweaks, I've got new looks I can use for
    different business events and client meetings.I've learned so many great new tips. The advice I got after posting in the
    group (about items I was considering buying) has already helped me to
    save a significant amount of time and money."

    Natasha Mitchell

    Business Coach for Creatives

  • "Zayna's professional and strategic approach to image management contributes dramatically to reaffirming a positive self-image and building confidence. Her expertise and highly personalized
    approach leaves her clients knowing they can transition into any environment and will portray the right image and communicate effectively and appropriately."

    Laura Bell

    Business Consultant


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The workshop is right for you if:

You're building a new business or have changed your focus.


You're new to speaking and selling on camera.


You're scaling an existing business and you're interested in how to optimize your on-camera presence to drive more connection and results.

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